Customer Testimonials

I thought customer service had gone the way of the dinosaur. Raleigh, the owner, took the time to walk me through a very thorough check list of things to look for on my 1026. Herrs will be my supplier for my next hydro rebuild. These guys are FIRST CLASS !!!

Thomas P
North Carolina

Great guys to work with, I have a 656 hydro that would not go into high range. I looked online and could not find anything and found where people were talking about Herrs Machine Hydrostatics, so I sent them a message on Facebook and after a few questions he gave me some advice on what to try. The next day it was in hi range and going down the road. With his knowledge and advice I now have a tractor that will run 18mph vs the previous 6mph in low range. Bottom line the guy didn't make a dollar off me but was happy he could help,not many shops like that around anymore! Highly recommend to anyone!

Jeremiah W

I went there to pick up a new unit for our company and was very impressed with the general service and customer service I received. I could give a higher rating if available. Many thanks to Raleigh and company!

Mark P

Very Happy I found these folks after my1969 IH 656 hydro went out. Before I found them on the internet I was leaning towards replacing it. After speaking with Raleigh he convinced me that I would regret giving up on it as they don't really make them like they used to! Herrs Machine "Raleigh Ordoyne" walked me through the process and I purchased a re manufactured
hydro transmission.Tractor runs better than it ever has! Very happy with Herrs and will recommend them highly to everyone.

Eric R

Very friendly and knowledgeable and willing to help talk things through before jumping to major rebuilds. Very nice people to do business with.

Brian H.